February 20, 2019

Our Cars


See how far we have come

The Missouri S&T Baja SAE design team has risen to many design challenges over the years. From amphibious vehicles to the newest four-wheel drive requirement, the team has learned to adapt and innovate with each car.

Featured below are highlights of the Baja team’s cars over the years. 


Kermit – 2017-2020

“Kermit” – 2018-2019 – Midnight Mayhem 2018

Frankenstein “Frank” 2016-2017

More info coming soon

Car of the year 2009; #77

Suspension construction from the 2009 car

Unfortunately few images of the team’s 2009 car exist. However some of the key construction elements and competition performance records have been preserved.

Some of the car’s notable features included:

  • 4130 “Chromoly” chassis
  • Front and rear parallel unequal length A-Arms w/ Fox Shocks
  • 6 speed sequential shift gearbox
  • Standard 10HP Briggs and Stratton Model 20 engine
  • TracTech Detroit Locker Differential in custom aluminum case
  • ITP 10″ aluminum racing wheels; Swamp Fox tires
  • Rack and pinion steering w/ 1.5 turns lock-to-lock
  • Tilton Hydraulic Brakes
  • Kirkey aluminum seat with 5pt. racing harness

Weight: approx 500 lbs.
Max speed: approx 35 m.p.h.
Suspension travel: 12″ front / 11″ rear

Awards/Placing at the Opelika, Alabama 2009 competition
Out of 101 registered teams, S&T placed:
31st in Endurance
44th in Cost
45th in Overall Design
44th Overall

Car of the year 2008; #87 and #26

The team’s 2008 car participated in two competitions – one in Peoria, IL and one in Cookville, TN. One main feature of the 2008 car was its amphibious abilities, as one aspect of the competition was driving through a body of water.

2008 UMR Baja car (#87) preparing for competition in Peoria, IL

Awards/Placing at the Peoria, Illinois 2008 competition
Out of 115 registered teams, S&T placed:
64th in Endurance
65th in Hill Climb
49th in Land Maneuverability
77th in Acceleration
Overall place: 61st

2008 UMR car (#26) in its post-competition state in Cookville, TN

Awards/Placing at the Cookville, Tennessee 2008 competition
Out of 93 registered teams, S&T placed:
48 in Endurance
61st in Water Maneuverability
61st in Land Maneuverability
61st in Acceleration
Overall place: 61st

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