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Meet Kermit

Our team's pride and joy for the year 2018-2019
Kermit designed with intention

The Miner Baja Racing Team has been busy this year building an all new car from scratch to replace Frankenstein, the car that the team had been modifying for the past few years. Kermit will be the best that Miner Baja has to offer. Improvements in driver comfort, speed, manufacturability, and capability were made across the board. This is the first time in many years that we have ran a forward only racing inspired gearbox coupled with an adjustable CVT that should be able to propel the car faster than previous years. Kermit is much lighter than Frankenstein, because we used lightweight composite materials as well as a no waste approach to design that we know will make the car more nimble and aggressive. Frankenstein is the tired old workhorse moving aside for the new breed of stallion. We built Kermit to beat the competition, and that is what we intend to do. Miner Baja is back and ready to take on whatever we might have to climb over, around, or through.

  • How marketable design will be

  • Low Cost to Build

  • Ability to travel through different environments

  • For comfort and satisfaction

Illinois Competition 2017

Our Leaders

Meet our officers!

James Meier

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Mellon

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Thaemert

Chief Manufacturing Engineer

Adam Engel

Director of Continuous Improvement

Ryan Coopmans

Chief Administrative Officer
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