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Meet Sal

Our team's pride and joy for the year 2022
Designed with reliability in mind

Sal is short for Salvage! This car is 80% recycled from our previous car Leo. A new frame and seat were added. Sal is also the team's first car that is 4 wheel-drive. Sal has now competed in the 2022 Tenessee Tech competition and the 2023 Oshkosh competition. We are continuously upgrading and plan to take Sal to the next 2024 SAE competition.

  • Consumer appeal

  • Minimization of construction expense

  • Ability to navigate difficult terrain

  • Resilient design that can overcome tough challenges

2022-2023 Season: Sal(vage)

2021-2022 Season: Sal(vage)

2020-2021 Season: Leo

Illinois Competition 2017

Our Leaders

Meet our officers!

Patrick Steinkamp

Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Caden Lasley

Chief Manufacturing Engineer

Reese Sherman

5-S Officer

Carter Allen

Chief Administrative Officer

Team Leads

Frame - Jacob Brown

Electronics - Ethan Heckart

Drivetrain - Grant McVay

Composites - Kamden Lockwood

Suspension - Caden Lasley

Controls - Andre Wilke

Director of Continous Improvement - Daniel Bosch

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